Help! My Small Engine Won’t Start

A lot of friends come to me with questions about their generator, snow blower, and lawn mower engines. Every so often, I’ll feature answers to my most-received small engine questions.

Help! My small engine doesn’t start after being in storage!

To start, did you remember to treat the gas before putting your snow blower, generator, or lawn mower away for the season? It’s likely your engine isn’t starting due to untreated gasoline in the fuel system that can even remain in the carburetor and cause problems. 

The moment you fuel up your small engine, the gas begins to degrade. Within a month, especially in warm weather, untreated gas goes stale, coating the fuel delivery system in gunky varnish and clogging up your carburetor.

Adding fuel stabilizer is awesome for keeping gas in fresh. The Home Depot carries it and Briggs & Stratton offers a specially formulated fuel stabilizer for 2- and 4-cycle engines.

Also, always be sure buy fuel in-season—gas is specially blended for the climate, which affects engine performance.


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