Tire Sealant

If you drive your tractor or lawn mower over some rough yards or surfaces or frequently hit debris or bumps you have probably had a flat tire at some point. A great way to avoid this is tire sealant!

Tire Sealant 16oz 100032WEB

So what is tire sealant and how does it work?

Tire sealant is a fiber-filled liquid which goes into the interior of a tire and provides excess puddling so that if the tire is punctured, the air that is trying to escape would carry the sealant out through the hole and the fibers in the sealant would act to “plug” the hole.

How do I put tire sealant on my tires?

To apply the tire sealant to your tires all you have to do is squeeze the sealant into the valve of the tire while a jack holds the tractor up. Be sure to follow the owner’s manual and tire sealant instructions so you know how much sealant to apply. After applying the sealant, check the tire pressure and balance the tires to ensure everything is normal

That’s it! Now your done!

However, it is important to remember that some tire sealants do not work on tube-type tires, only on tubeless tires.

So where can you pick up your tire sealant? 

Well there are a variety of options online. A quick Google search shows you can by tire sealant from Briggs & Stratton lawn mower parts store, from Walmart‘s parts store, from amazon, from O’Reilly, Northern Tool, and several more.  You can also probably find tire sealant at your local lawn mower dealer.

*Image is of tire sealant, taken from Briggs & Stratton’s online lawn mower parts store.


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